Kenji's Food Truck

Joe Najera & Keliana Saffery owners of Kenji’s food truck in Reno/Sparks, started their business in August of 2011.  Both have worked in the corporate food industry for many years, and knew someday they’d love to have their own business.  Keliana, a 2004 graduate of University of Nevada, Reno knew that one day her Business degree would come in hand, but never thought that her love of cooking would ultimately lead her to become a business owner.  In the summer of 2010, Joe was browsing through a Las Vegas food magazine, and it all came to him!  The coolest article of the food truck movement.  The colorful truck wraps, fusion foods, and how the people embraced the whole food truck idea!  There were literally people break dancing outside these food trucks to music!  He thought, “wow, bingo!  that’s exactly what I’m going to do!”.  The menu is a fusion of Hawaiian, Asian, and Mexican flair.  Keliana is from Oahu, Hawaii, and learned everything in the kitchen from her mother.  And Joe is Hispanic, so why not mix things together? So after 8 months of building the food truck (from scratch) and cooking for everyone and their mom, the truck finally made it’s debut the first week of August 2011.  They named it “Kenji’s” after their son, at the time only a year old.  Now, that’s a cool baby!